Season Kick off/ 15th year celebration – aUGUST 10TH

August 10th we will be celebrating our 15th year serving the archery community.

We would be overjoyed to fill the shop with familiar and new faces to catch up and take advantage of some deals 9AM – 2PM. 

In celebration of our years we will be hosting a 3D money shoot with slight variations from your normal IBO rules (rules can be found below) along with opening our doors/ parking lot again this year to many of our trusted local outdoor companies, guides and representatives from our major bow manufactures. There will also be a few food vendors outside (Pizza and BBQ) to fix and hunger cravings through out the day.

3D Shoot information

Warm ups will be allowed on the 5-20 yard range only.

Awards– Winners must be present to accept the prizes – awards will be presented around 3pm
1st  $1000 cash
2nd $600 cash
3rd $400 cash
But wait it gets better!  Our friends at Bowtech heard about our event and wanted to make it even more special! They decided to match the winnings if who ever places does so with a Bowtech set up! 

Bows permitted : Compound, Recurve or longbow shot with or without sights
Sights: Fixed or adjustable – no lens/ magnification in the scope housing ( an aperture in the peep is permitted)
Arrows must have screw- in points
Stabilizers, V bars, counter balances, or weighted attachments may be attached to the bow as long as these items do no extend more than 12″ from each point of attachment. ( For the purpose of this rule, any devise adding length or weight to the stabilizer shall be subject to the 12 – inch rule.) Un- weighted vibration dampeners attached to the stabilizer are measured as a part of the stabilizer and are subject to the 12-inch rule above.

Equipment may be shot with finger tabs, shooting gloves or a release.


Targets shall have scoring areas as follows.

Scorecards – will be provided by the facility 

Scorecards must be completed for each archer and have the archer’s full name, address, and contact information.

Scorecards must be split between scorekeepers so that each scorekeeper has one card for each archer. Both scorekeepers must agree on a score, compare and record the score before the arrows are pulled from the target.

Scorecards will be marked in the correct scoring box for each target prior to being turned in.

Arrows pulled early will receive a zero – Repeated violations of this rule will result in the offending archer being disqualified.

If the two scorekeepers for a group mistakenly record different scores, the inconsistent scores must be corrected as agreed upon. The error must be circled and initialed by both and the correct score clearly marked.

Scorecards will be checked at the end. Each group’s scorecards must be turned in together by the entire group.

Scorecards must be legible, complete, and signed by the archer to be accepted. No scorecard may be changed by a competitor or scorekeeper after submitting it to a range official.

Archers shall be responsible for their own scorecards. It is up to each archer to ensure that his or her scorecard meets the above requirements.

Scoring Arrows a. Scores will be tabulated as follows: 

If more than one scoring area is visible on a target – the intended shot will be noted on the floor with a colored 4” x 6” paper. Failure to shoot the correct target area will result in a miss.

An arrow shaft touching the line of a greater scoring area shall be given the higher score.

Arrow parts that extend beyond the shaft such as feathers, vanes, or nock collars, cannot be used to score the arrow.

Arrows must stick in the target in order to receive a score other than a zero with the exception of a pass-through, robin hood, or bounce-back

An arrow that passes through a target may be scored if witnessed and agreed upon by the majority of archers in the group. – A pass-through is an arrow passing completely through the target with material 360 degrees around the arrow, leaving a separate entrance and exit hole. If the pass-through was witnessed by a member of the group other than the shooter, and the group cannot agree, the archer may re-shoot the target before the group advances to score the target.

All whole arrows, or partial arrows that include the point, that are sticking in the target shall be scored where they penetrate the target. An arrow embedded into the nock end of an arrow embedded in the target shall be scored the same as the arrow embedded into the target. An arrow that hits another arrow—with the arrow being struck showing visible damage—that does not stick in the target shall be given the score of the arrow that was struck. The majority of the group must agree that 1) a particular arrow was struck, and 2) that striking the arrow prevented the arrow from sticking in the target, or the arrow shall be scored as a miss.

Any arrow intentionally shot into the ground or any object other than the target shall be considered an act of unsportsmanlike conduct and the arrow scored a zero.

– Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns prior to the shoot if possible.